Stuff: We Become Our Things and Retrospective

San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, WA
September 15 – November 26, 2018

Piles Upon Piles

I’m pleased to announce an exhibit at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art in Friday Harbor. The show includes 13 paintings of the “Stuff” series I was invited to show there three years ago. I had completed my “Stuff Series “ three years ago, but when I went to see the gallery last year, thinking I had enough paintings, I clearly saw I did not, so went back to work on the series. I used it as an opportunity to really paint monumental sized paintings, which I had always wanted to do.

The exhibit includes two new small paintings each three feet square, and two new large paintings titled “Sunday” and “Picnic at the dump”, each 5 feet high x 16 feet wide.

View the series

Painting Junk

Summer 2013 has been all about painting junk, the over abundance of stuff we have in our households in North America. In this painting it is workshop stuff, tools, bags of garbage, bottles, plastic and various containers. All of it a challenge to paint. I set up the six foot canvas in a messy workshop and painted in on site. It rained most of the time I worked on the painting and the roof leaked. The next three paintings were done in indoor setting.


We witnessed a beaver take down a tree

Two weeks ago I was teaching my Plein Air painting class when a tree came down right by us with a big crash. I ran to see what it was that had caused the tree to come down and saw the hind end of a big beaver. We had witnessed a beaver take down a tree. On further inspection, this ambitious beaver had also had a good go at trees that were over two feet in diameter and well over 50 feet in hight.

On Salt Spring island more and more people are building giant houses. As as a friend of mine said, “Maybe the beavers are tired of building normal size dams and lodges and now want the mega sizes like us humans”.

Plein Air Painting Classes starting July 16th

Landscape painting classes on Salt Spring Island start July 16th and 17th every Monday and Tuesday till the middle of September.

The classes are at a different location every week on Salt Spring Island and cost $100 for each two day session. Each class will be five hours long so bring a picnic.

In the class we will be exploring Light and Dark, Hot and Cold, perspective and composition. And all the components to painting a landscape.

Boundaries What Boundaries

2nicolaBoundaries What Boundaries, is about how we are with our pets. They see us in all our private moments and they are allowed to do things that we would never allow another person to do. The work is currently on display at the Salt Spring Fine Art Showcase at ArtSpring, Salt Spring Island.

The painting is oil on canvas, 48″ by 36″.